Mid-term Conference June 20, 2016

The project’s mid-term conference took place at the University of Toronto on June 20, 2016. Interested folks from around the country were invited to attend in person, or tune in online to our video webcast. About 60 participants attended the meeting at the venue, and we also had a good number watching online, and participating remotely by sending questions or comments through our live chatroom.

The project collaborators reported on the research and White Papers papers developed as groundwork for the pilot websites planned for the coming year. In addition, a number of guest speakers were invited and opened up the meeting’s discussion to a wide range of perspectives.

To find out more about the conference presentations and follow-up discussion, please read the posting by Byron Moldofsky available here in our News and Notes section. Many of the speakers’ presentation slides have also been made available for reference, as well as some of the White Paper reviews, and these can be accessed through embedded links in the conference program, found here.

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