Project team

Team leaders

Marcel Fortin is the principal investigator on this project. He is the Head of the Map and Data Library at the University of Toronto and has a long-standing research and teaching interest in historical GIS. He is the co-editor with Jennifer Bonnell of Historical GIS Research in Canada (University of Calgary Press, 2014.

Léon Robichaud is a professor of History and Director of the History Department at the University of Sherbrooke. He will bring access to a number of Historical GIS datasets on the cities of Sherbrooke and Montréal. Initially he will be conducting the Survey of Historical GIS datasets on Canadian subjects.

Donald Lafreniere is an Assistant Professor of Historical Geography and GIS at Michigan Technological University. He has extensive experience creating historical spatial data infrastructures for Canadian cities in the 19th and 20th centuries.

John Lutz is an Associate Professor of History at the University of Victoria where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in digital history.  Lutz is a co-creator of the extensive digital map archive at the University of Victoria Library and leader of several innovative digital history and HGIS projects.

Team members

Colleen Beard is Head of the Map, Data and GIS Library at Brock University. Her expertise is in providing GIS data to researchers as well as experimenting with GIS technologies to enhance historical map collections for web access.

Jennifer Bonnell is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History at York University. She is author of Reclaiming the Don: An Environmental History of Toronto’s Don River Valley (University of Toronto Press, 2014) and co-editor with Marcel Fortin of Historical GIS Research in Canada (University of Calgary Press, 2014). 

Glenn Brauen is Lecturer in Geographic Information Science,  University of Toronto Scarborough. He brings a wealth of research and industry experience , with particular focus on  cartography and geographic visualization, especially that intended for distribution and use in the context of distributed, media-capable networks.

Jim Clifford is an Assistant Professor of environmental history in the Department of History at the University of Saskatchewan. A member of the HGIS Lab team there, he is also an editor of and an active member of the Network in Canadian History & Environment (NICHE.)

Geoff Cunfer is an environmental historian of agriculture and Associate Professor in the Department of History at the University of Saskatchewan. He is also Director of the Historical GIS Laboratory, where he researches agricultural land use, landscapes, and the environmental history of the Great Plains.

Larry Laliberté is a GIS Librarian at the University of Alberta. In 2014 he co-authored the book “Discovering and Using Historical Geographic Resources on the Web: A Practical Guide for Librarians” (Laliberte 2014) and recently has taken a great interest in developing best practices for the long term preservation of digital geospatial data.

Josh MacFadyen is an Environmental and Digital historian interested in how global commodities influenced modern agriculture and land use in Canada and the U.S.  He is currently an assistant professor at Arizona State University. He also writes a blog on Canadian Environmental and Digital History,

Marc St.-Hilaire is a Professor of human geography at Laval University and co-director of the CIEQ. His research activities concentrate on historical social geography, especially of Quebec province and Quebec City. He is currently developing an HGIS of the city’s population based upon Canadian censuses micro-data (1852-1911).

Robert Sweeny is a Professor in the Department of History, Memorial University of Newfoundland. His research interests include the Canada/Québec relationship, and the history of industrialisation and capitalism. He was one of the originators and remains the co-director of the historical GIS project Montréal, l’avenir du passé (MAP).

Ken Sylvester is Research Associate Professor, Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), University of Michigan. He has collaborated on a number of HGIS  projects, using household-level census data and aerial photographs to reconstruct land use, and has written on demographic, agricultural and environmental history in the North American Plains.

Byron Moldofsky is acting as Project Manager for the Partnership. He is the Manager of the GIS and Cartography Office, Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toronto. He was the U of T coordinator for the Canadian Century Research Infrastructure project, and was a cartographer and production coordinator for the Historical Atlas of Canada and the Historical Atlas of Canada Online Learning Project.

Research Assistants

Daniel Trepal is a Senior Researcher with the project. He is a PhD candidate specializing in Industrial Heritage and Archaeology, at Michigan Technological University.  Previously, he served as an archaeologist for the National Park Service’s Alaska regional office, and brings wide-ranging experience and interests to the project.

Kevin Roy is an MA candidate based in the University of Toronto Department of Geography. His research examines market-making and knowledge creation in the Ontario craft brewing industry.

Kathleen Watt is an MA candidate based in the University of Toronto at Mississauga Department of Geography, using GIS and historical sources to research land use and planning on the Oak Ridges Moraine in the Greater Toronto Area.

Sonia Blouin, BA in archaelogy, currently completing a BA in history and pursuing her master’s degree at the University of Sherbrooke. Her research examines the spatial organisation of metal work during the XVIIth century in Montreal.

Haydi Wong is an MSc in Planning candidate at the University of Toronto St. George Campus. She is working on the Geovisualization pilot web site in conjunction with several of the project collaborators and partners.

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