Pre-project events

Carto 2013

Joint meeting of the Association of Canadian Map Libraries and the Canadian Cartographic Association, July 2013. Conference website is Carto2013. See PDF of presentation at this link:  Proposal for a Canadian Historical Geographic Information Network.

Atelier-conférence canadien sur le SIG historique

Montréal, January 31st and February 1st 2014. Conference website is at Canadian Historical GIS Conference-Workshop 2014. See a number of presentations related to this project.

Congress 2014

Special panel on a Proposal for a Canadian Historical Geographic Information Network
Wednesday May 28, 2014,  Brock University, Plaza 600F
Sponsoring Associations: Canadian Association of Geographers, Canadian Cartographic Association.   Invited associations: Canadian Historical Association.
Moderator: James Boxall, Dalhousie University
Panelists: Léon Robichaud, Université de Sherbrooke, Donald Lafreniere, University of Western Ontario, Byron Moldofsky, University of Toronto
This panel reviewed some ideas about a Canadian HGIS Network in short 10-minute presentations, and then threw the floor open to discuss ways and means to build such a network. For further details, see the Congress 2014 Panel HGIS Network report here.


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